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Bob the Teacher presents “Discover cPanel”

My wife and I recently attended the Network Affiliate Marketers Seminar (NAMS) in Atlanta and had a great time. One of our favorite presentations was by Bob The Teacher Jenkins. Taking his teaching skills and matching them up with top notch web skills and a sound business plan resulted in strong success. As a result, Bob was able to replace a school teacher’s salary with a full time career in Internet marketing.

One of the greatest things about the Internet is all the great resources that are available for free. For example, WordPress is the top blogging software available and there is no cost to install and use it. To easily maintain the quality and control of your WordPress blog, I recommend using a hosting service such as Hostgator and using the CPanel tool within HostGator to manage your sites. Bob has developed a video course “Discover cPanel” that will lead you step-by-step on how to use the CPanel to manage your site and get the most value from your hosting dollars. Bob’s easy teaching style will help you get up and running much more quickly than if you tried to spend the time to learn it on your own. (Of course, if you have never heard of a CPanel, then Bob’s video course is definitely for you!)

So, if you have your domain name registered and have opened an account with your hosting service, go deeper with Bob’s “Discover cPanel” videos and reap the benefits!