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Protect Yourself Against Cybercrime

Is Your City In The Top 10?

I read with interest today an article going around (“Norton ranks riskiest cities for cybercrime” by Lance Whitney on CNET news). It is  about the Top 50 Cities for cybercrime attacks. Since my town, Atlanta, was number 6, I paid even more attention. I suggest that you read the article and think about your on-line security.

Street crime versus Cybercrime

One of the things that struck me was how cybercrime mirrors crime in the physical world. You may have a Neighborhood Watch on your street, but there aren’t too many equivalents on the Internet. There are great things going on like Project Honeypot. Read about them here to get an idea how a community is working together to fight the hackers. But in general, I believe the casual family users of the Internet have no clue on how risky it is. You must take responsibility and educate your self to the real dangers.

Education – get “street smart”

The anti-virus vendors do a decent job of education, for example, see this article about Symantec laying things out with a mock “hackers” storefront. Perhaps looking a fake hacker tools in nice shrink-wrapped packages will make an impression that the tools are out there and the bad guys are using them to mine your confidential data and send tons of spam. The Microsoft Online Safety site has some user-friendly advice on protecting your family, data and computer.

WordPress Blog Security

If you address in cyberspace is a WordPress self-hosted blog, then this news if for you. Wake up and pay attention! I recently read an article it is not a matter of “if” you will be attacked, but WHEN.  My focus is tech support for  the Internet Marketer community. My goal is to teach others how to secure their sites and minimize risk. Please  read my previous article on blog security to get started.

Take Action Today!

Do your homework and secure your sites. Don’t take for granted your free anti-virus software is going to protect you. Study and learn what you need to do to protect your data – both personal AND business! Let me know what you have learned lately.