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Don’t Click That Link! or “Here You Have” TROUBLE!

Internet Tech Guy wants to help spread the word to “Get Safe! Stay Safe!”

Many folks get malware links everyday in email. Be diligent, always! Please do not click the link! Pay attention to all email and think before you click. Here is a quote from my bank’s website from a previous scam:

”My Bank” is aware of a global e-mail virus with the subject line “Here You Have” or “Just For You” that contains a fast-spreading e-mail worm that mails itself to all the victim’s e-mail contacts. When the e-mail is opened, the victim sees a short message and a link that appears to be to a PDF file. If the PDF file link is clicked, the computer downloads the worm virus and propagates itself by sending e-mails to everyone in the victim’s e-mail address book. If you receive the e-mail message, delete it without clicking on the PDF link. Also, ensure your computer is updated with the latest antivirus and firewall software, anti-spyware and pop-up blockers.

Internet Tech Guy recommends you add common sense to your tool kit and NEVER click on a link from a source you don’t know.

Get Safe! Stay Safe!