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WordPress Blog Security Webinar

It’s time to get serious about WordPress Blog Security!

While researching WordPress security issues, I came across WP Security Lock. These folks have dedicated themselves to helping protect the WP community from hacking and making their blogs more secure. Read on to find out why you need to attend the upcoming webinar.

A word to those with self-hosted WordPress blogs

I want you to think about this… Many of us got started in blogging because it is so easy…or so it seems. We went to a domain registration service, we got a domain name. We found a hosting service. We use our cPanel tools and installed WP with one click. After redirecting DNS and thinking we are the geekiest of the geeks, we wrote a couple of posts and we were up and running. So far, so good! Then one day… our site is looking funny, Google reports us as an untrusted site…links to unsavory sites show up. We have been hacked!

Don’t let this happen to you! Get serious about your blog security. Don’t throw away hours of productive time by being careless.

I am taking action. How about you?

Here is something I am doing to learn more about protecting my sites. I am going to attend the upcoming WordPress Security Webinar hosted by WPSecurityLock. I invite you to do the same. Just because the greatest software in blogging is free does not mean there is a cost to maintain your blog. Get serious about security and attend the webinar on February 24th.!
Below is my affiliate link to sign up. Please consider the risk and potential costs of NOT being educated in this area.

Do it! Click on the Webinar below and I’ll join you there!

WordPress Security Webinar: Discover how you can start securing your WordPress